Double Take Digital Content Only

Digital Content Only:  All material required for constructing the gimmick must be sourced independently.


Finally, a bill trick that works in multiple currencies including plastic notes!!!


Double Take is an absolute reputation maker and your spectators will remember you for this long after you leave your gig!


Double Take is based on 2 devious gimmicks working together to put you so far ahead of the spectator that it will be impossible for them to back track.  


It comes in £’s €’s and $’s but also works with any of the following currencies:

  • Chinese 5 Yuan
  • Australian 5 Dollar
  • Hong Kong 10 Dollar
  • Singapore 5 Dollar


It’s easy to make and comes with everything that you need to construct both gimmicks in any of these currencies.  It comes with 3 really strong detailed routines as well as multiple other applications and change ideas.  It can be performed discretely as in the double take routine or visually as in the ambitious money routine.  The visual change of the card into the bill looks so good that your social media followers will swear it’s a camera trick!

Double Take Digital Content Only

    • The spectator selects a card and puts it back in the deck wherever they want.

      The magician tries to find the card but pulls out an indifferent card which the spectator confirms is wrong.

      The magician pulls out his wallet and offers to raise the stakes.  He shows a bill in his wallet and asks the spectator to hold onto it.  If the magician cannot find the card the spectator gets to keep the bill.

      The magician places the indifferent card under his foot.

      The magician continues to try and find the card until they reach a startling conclusion…. The selection has vanished from the deck!

      The magician opens his wallet and the spectator reaches inside to pull out their selection from where the bill was.

      The magician steps back and now the bill is under his foot.

      The magician then spreads through the deck again and the indifferent card is in the middle reversed.