Detailed Deceptions

Last year during the pandemic i set myself the challenge of creating a new visual every day for an Instagram style video.  Throughout that process ic reated 83 original visuals and i've taken my favourite 10 to create this mini series.


There are 13 episode in total with an additional 3 episodes covering sleight of hand; specifically my take on the longitudinal palm that i call the JL Shift.


Throughout the series i'm going to take you behind the scens into the Magic Lab and show you all of the different materials that i use throughout my creative process to help you think about how you can start to create your own gimmicks.


For the next 13 weeks a new episode will drop every Friday which should hopefully keep you busy until the COVID restrictions have been lifted.



  1. Plank
  2. Equilibrium
  3. Time is Money
  4. Twisted Reality
  5. JL Transpo
  6. Empire Rising
  7. Card 2 Pocket
  8. Hollow
  9. IN2
  10. C-Float
  11. Card to Pen
  12. Chameleon
  13. Disintegrate

Detailed Deceptions