Blink by Jason Knowles
Blink is a visual transformation concept that allows you to take a borrowed, signed bill, drop it into the spectators hand where it will change into a different bill of your choosing.
Note: This effect will not work with Polymer Notes

Blink by Jason Knowles

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  • A folded, borrowed, signed bill can be dropped into the spectators hand and as it drops it visually morphs into another bill. It can then be handed straight out for examination. The magician then pulls out his wallet and inside is the spectators borrowed, signed bill which can also be inspected.


    No elastic thread to break.

    Visually stunning! 


    *Blink is a digital streaming product which teaches you how to create the effect.  You will need to purchase additional supplies to perform this which will be outlined in the explanation video but these supplies are not expensive (less than £5).