Conveyance trailer

Conveyance trailer


Conveyance - the action or process of transporting or carrying someone or something from one place to another.


For years, flap cards have allowed magicians to perform CGI level visuals on top of a deck of playing cards with one major flaw... The object that has been transformed is gimmicked and needs to be switched out.


The birth of the Conveyance project was InstaPrint.  InstaPrint is an effect that Jason has been working on for more than 3 years.  The idea that by moving 2 fingers across the top of the deck (like a print head), a bank note would slowly and visually appear and could be handed straight out.  Throughout this 3 year development cycle Jason explored multiple iterations of methods until he finally created Conveyance.

Conveyance is a revolutionary step forward in the world of card gimmicks allowing you to make small objects appear, disappear or transform on the top of a deck of playing cards in the cleanest way imaginable.


Throughout this project you will learn a large number of effects and applications covering what will fly in the real world, and what are the things you can take advantage of in the virtual world.  The gimmicks are hand made with care and will last a reasonable amount of time, but you’re also going to learn how to make them yourself so that you don’t need to buy replacements in the future (unless you want to).


Full disclosure - Elastic thread is used in the production of this gimmick.  If you are likely to have an allergic reaction as a result of hearing this information then please avoid purchasing!