Budhole Trailer

Budhole Trailer


Budhole is so good, it looks like TV Magic!


A straw visually penetrates a sealed bottle of Bud and continues sinking through the centre until it pops out on the other side.  Your spectators can see that bottle is full yet they can also see the straw clearly going through the centre.  You show the bottle on all sides before slowly pulling it back the way it came. Now here's the kicker... Once the straw is removed, you pop the cap and pour out a full bottle of beer!


Every single detail has been precision made to make this one of the most convincing close up illusions you will ever see.  


Although this is ready to go straight out of the box, the bottle is supplied empty and will need to be filled.  The twist top design allows this gimmick to be re-filled and used over and over again.


Due to the complex nature of the build there are only limited numbers available with no guarantee of a re-stock.  What are you waiting for? This bud's for you!