A Simple Idea

A Simple Idea is an incredibly visual transformation of a folded playing card into another object, specifically design for social media performances.

Pay What You Feel

I'd love to give this product away for free, but as I've given up my time to not only develop this idea but to also film the explanation, i FEEL there needs to be some kind of fair value exchange regardless of how simple the method is, or the fact that this effect is purely for camera.  To ensure that you FEEL you are getting absolute value, i'm offering this tutorial on a pay what you FEEL basis.  Simply hit the value you want to pay below (minimum £1) and then complete the checkout.  You recieve a confirmation email with a link to the tutorial

P.s. if you FEEL you got more value than what you paid for the product then please FEEL free to buy me a coffee through the link in my IG bio!